BARRIER: There is a lack of community assistance necessary to help parents and/or caregivers create stable, child-focused households.

  1. COMMUNITY LEVEL OUTCOME: There is an increase in parent and/or caregiver involvement in their child’s education.
    • INDICATOR: Increase in parental/caregiver involvement in school activities and after-school academic related activities.
    • INDICATOR: Increase in parents/caregivers knowledge of age-appropriate child development.
  2. COMMUNITY LEVEL OUTCOME: There will be increased family commitment that will provide stability in the household.
    • INDICATOR: Parents/caregivers improve parenting skills
    • INDICATOR: Parents/caregivers increase consistent involvement in children’s activities.

BARRIER: There is limited community participation in programs that expand a child’s education and personal growth.

  1. COMMUNITY LEVEL OUTCOME: Children of all ages attend high quality, affordable early care and supplemental education (birth-12th grade) programs.
    • INDICATOR: Children are ready for kindergarten
    • INDICATOR: Children are reading at the appropriate level by the end of 3rd grade
    • INDICATOR: Children are transitioning successfully from middle school to high school
  2. COMMUNITY LEVEL OUTCOME: There is an increase in programs encouraging positive character development for children of all ages.
    • INDICATOR: More community members serve as long-term mentors, tutors or advocates
    • INDICATOR: Youth improve motivation to succeed
    • INDICATOR: Youth improve their ability to interact appropriately with others