McCracken County ASAP

The McCracken County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) is made up of a group of concerned citizens from a broad sector of our community. This group seeks to work together in substance abuse prevention efforts as well as support substance abuse treatment programs.

The mission of the McCracken County ASAP is to reduce adult and youth substance abuse and its consequences in our community while increasing recovery support for all.

KY-ASAP was created in 2000 by the General Assembly to promote the reduction of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Kentucky by working with communities to help them identify existing needs and resources. There are currently 75 local ASAP boards that cover 113 counties in Kentucky. Local boards consist of a broad sector of stakeholders in the community. ASAP boards have proven to be a critical piece of substance abuse prevention as well as treatment efforts.

If you are interested in being part of the solution by joining the McCracken County ASAP please contact Anne Bidwell at or 270-442-1691.

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